Aleshia Patterson

Editor in Chief of Nonprofit Marketing Magazine

About Aleshia

Aleshia S. Patterson, MA is a digital marketing strategist who guides fellow non-profit marketers in expanding their marketing skills. Aleshia has spent her entire professional career in the non-profit sector transitioning from youth development to marketing in 2016. Aleshia knows that the key to an engaged audience isn’t posting sporadically on social media or having one touch point with your audience throughout the year. It takes a digital engagement plan with a focus on strategy, content, and understanding your audience to make an impact.

Aleshia holds a bachelor of arts degree in communications from University of Missouri – Saint Louis and a master of arts degree in communication arts with an emphasis in media literacy from Webster University. When Aleshia is not blogging, or working, you can find her roaming the aisles of Office Depot for office supplies or enjoying Kettle Bell Yoga.