Regency Ballroom B Apr 18, 2019 Breakout Session
Small Business | Medium/Large Companies | Entrepreneurship | B2B/B2C | Entry Career Level | Managers | Academic/Students 01:00 PM - 01:45 PM

Just like some people are born to be leaders, others are just wired to be entrepreneurs. They have a vision for success, unique talent or product and are passionate about making it happen.


Based on research among companies that failed and others that soared, this presentation includes snapshots of today?s landscape for emerging businesses. The session features common myths, pitfalls, and challenges faced by entrepreneurs across industries, and more importantly, tips to succeed.


We?ll also touch on key topics like identifying customer targets, developing initial products, and building the necessary infrastructure. This interactive presentation will also help entrepreneurs to fast-track their success by working on the business while they work in the business.


As a bonus, participants will walk away with The Six Unwritten Rules of Entrepreneurial Success to help them out-pace their competition. If you?re just getting into the game, or you?re thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, this session is a ?must attend.?

Business Performance Company
Senior Director


Mr. Bryce Bunton I teach high school entrepreneurship and marketing and am looking to connect with local entrepreneurs in STL to potentially partner with, if this peaks your interest send me a connection.
Apr 18, 2019 13:19:35