Grand Ballroom A/B Apr 18, 2019 Breakout Session
B2B/B2C/Non-Profit | Intermediate Levels | Beginner Levels | Small Business | Medium/Large Companies | Enterprise Level Companies | Data and Analytics | Entry Career Level | Managers 02:00 PM - 02:45 PM

Struggling with the out of the box templates for Google Data Studio, or failing to see how you can make this powerful tool a part of your operational efforts? 


Data Studio’s complexity can be off-putting, but this session will share a template designed to help you unlock the potential that Data Studio has to offer. The template will streamline your efforts, combine data from multiple sources, and help you focus on areas of search that can drive results.



1. Free template suitable for any organization to use and customize

2. How to make Data Studio work within your existing report protocols

3. Specific tips and tricks for formatting and customization

4. How to manage multiple data sources with different attribution methods


Intended Audience: This presentation is suitable for Beginner to Intermediate users, from those who have never used Data Studio to those who are using it but need some advanced tips to make it more efficient.

JLH Marketing, Inc.


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