Grand Ballroom F Apr 18, 2019 Breakout Session
B2B/B2C/Non-Profit | Advanced Levels | Intermediate Levels | Beginner Levels | Small Business | Medium/Large Companies | Enterprise Level Companies | Data and Analytics | Managers | C-Level 10:45 AM - 11:30 AM

By now, your organization should be built to capture that all-important resource – customer data. After all, customer data can impact everything from identifying new markets, revamping product lines, to marketing more aggressively. But data is only part of the equation. Organizations that win marketing wars are the ones that use data and business intelligence to unearth and leverage actionable insights.


You’re hearing much more about business intelligence (BI) – the process of transforming raw data into meaningful information – for a reason. BI makes you smarter, so you can make better decisions, often in real time. The power of BI is evident in organizations of all sizes. It’s a matter of understanding and harnessing the insights that exist in every company’s data.


So how do organizations make the data-to-insights leap? In this session, Jenny Bristow, CEO of Creative Anvil, will provide practical advice for senior leaders that will:


- Illustrate the difference between data and insights

- Define business intelligence and provide real-life examples of how organizations are using insights and business intelligence to capture market share

- Provide an overview of the most up-to-date tools to capture data

- Share a roadmap for interpreting data to unearth true insights

- Discuss strategies to implement a data-first approach within your organization


If you’re responsible for ROI in your organization, you don’t want to miss this session.


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