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God as an archetype is and has been many things. Chief among those archetypal roles, God used to be the entity to whom we posed all of our questions.


It isn't an easy thing to usurp God, but Google has done it, at least as far as that role is concerned. The importance of where this places Google in terms of how it relates to the way humans engage with content can't be overstated. Google is, easily, the God of the internet.


When you ask Google a question, you aren't simply searching for information, you're signaling intent. Intent is the single most important catalytic phase of the buying cycle. Giving marketers the ability to deliver targeted and relevant content to segmented users immediately upon the indication of intent is, so far, the single greatest advent in the world of marketing.


However, Google Ads is so much more than a simple advertising mechanism. It's an entire organic ecosystem in and of itself. It allows you to determine how competitive a market is, who your competitors (and competitive alternatives) are, what customers respond to, which messaging resonates with your prospects, where you may be facing a cyclical market (and where those cycles exist), and so much more.


Google Ads is the finger to the pulse that every business should be taking advantage of. It can (and should) inform everything you do in the realm of digital marketing. From search engine optimization to content marketing & email engagement.

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