Social Media Time Management Tips That Help You Stick to Your Campaign Goals

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By Kyle Eggering, UMSL Business Student


The Midwest Digital Marketing Conference is full of robust speakers and presentations, from content to martek. No matter what business you have you should always implement digital marketing. We interviewed MDMC digital marketing professionals to get you the best insider advice and information.  


?What are some social media time management tips that help you stick to yourcampaign goals without losing a lot of time??



1. Sarah Dalton, Nolan & Associates 

For me, I like to look at my social media on a monthly basis. I create as much content in advance as possible, so then I can focus my time on more newsworthy items as they come up to fill in my content calendar. If you are trying to tackle social media on a daily or weekly basis you will always feel behind. 



2. Sarah Crawford, Marketer | Writer | Professional Speaker | Type 7 | ENFP, Sparkworth

Set a timer. 30 minutes to shoot a video. 25 minutes to respond to comments. Keep a tight timeline to avoid getting lost in the vortex of social media. 



3. Tom Harness, Owner/President, HARNESS DIGITAL MARKETING

To be consistent, schedule 75% of content that is engaging and that will help with your brand. Make sure and connect with all different kinds of people on Social Media. You will have one thing that brings you together, but you share more than just that. Focus on connections, not time. 



4. Julie Ewald, Impressa Solutions, LLC

If you know you're going to talk about it, schedule it out in advance! Sit down and write those posts in batches and then parcel them out. Don't go back to the drawing board each day.



5. Kevin Farr, CNTRD

Create a strategic framework that guides how you make decisions, with resources, to achieve a goal. This Framework should help you address things that are more standardized versus more emergent. You want a way to focus your activities, attention and resources.



4. Chris Strub, I Am Here, LLC

My No. 1 tip for 2019 is to be extremely particular about whose content you are consuming, and where. As users, we tend to get caught up in the avalanche of 'News Feeds' or never-ending content loops. Platforms are designed for you to waste time in these bottomless content pits.  Remember, you are in complete control over whose content you consume -- and sometimes, focusing on fewer people is the smarter way to go. 



5. Anesha Collins, LEARNWITHAC

I stay organized and I also use my Content Planner. This helps me to be intentional and not waste time trying to figure out what I want to market or share with my target audience. The LEARNWITHAC Resource Library has a lot of valuable tools.



6. Joe Robledo, 97th Floor

Not sure if this counts but, I've made it a point to not get on any social media platform during the week unless it's on the train to work and that's usually only after I've knocked out any emails or tasks needing to be accomplished.


We hope you learned more about time management from this professional advice. Making sure you get work done on time is one of the most important things you can do in your career. Questions like this and more will be answered at this years MDMC.