Grand Ballroom C Apr 17, 2019 Breakout Session
B2B/B2C/Non-Profit | Intermediate Levels | Small Business | Medium/Large Companies | Entrepreneurship | Entry Career Level | C-Level 09:45 AM - 10:30 AM

Entrepreneurship is a funny thing. You find your passion and even find a way to make a living doing it. And suddenly you don't have time for yourself anymore. Workaholics unite. 


Unfortunately, much of the most common advice can actually hinder your efforts to scale your business. But it's not all bad! This session will help you to shield and armor your business, making it bulletproof to bad advice and pitfalls. You will also hear how to implement technology to open up your calendar as well as simplify onboarding and working with a team.


This talk is for the business owner tired of hustling day in and day out - ready to use technology to be more efficient, grow and work well with your team - allowing you to enjoy your dream of entrepreneurship again. 


It is assumed you have some business knowledge, are running a business, have a working brain, and sense of humor.


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Business Efficiency Consultant & Tool Nerd


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